IT Audits

IT architecture audits and security audits

Security is one of the most important human needs, societies and diverse organizations, it is also a basic need of states and international systems. The feeling of insecurity causes anxiety and a state of emergency. Man, a social group, a state, an international organization try to influence their external environment and the internal sphere in different ways to counteract, remove or dismiss threats, eliminating fears, worries, anxiety and uncertainty. Threats can be directed outside and inside states, organizations, institutions, citizens; the same should be aimed at eliminating them.

Defining the audit scope based on area division

Defining the scope resulting from specific business areas

Defining the evaluating method depending on area

Creating the final report

  • IT resources and structure – personnel, HW, SW, COTS, applications, procedures
  • Management area – SLA, procedures, monitoring, responsibilities
  • System development – expansion plans, quality management
  • Operational maintenance and safety – continuity of services, security measures, efficiency, procedures, outage management
  • Internal clients and IT providers
  • Financial perspective – planning and implementing of IT systems
  • Public sector
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Ratio analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Executive summary
  • Summary by business area
  • Areas of risk
  • Areas for improvement