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Cooperation with Utmost Tech on the energy market project

Utmost Tech Sp. z o.o. is a research and development company operating on the market for over 20 years. Specializes in product design, prototyping, business and technical analysis in the early stages of software development.

Currently, our company in cooperation with Utmost Tech ( is working on a project on the energy market (platform ™). The project consists in creating a platform whose key task will be to match the demand and supply of energy to the needs of its users. ™ will enable, among others, improving the reliability of services by enabling the supply of electricity to many suppliers, reducing network losses by adjusting the supply to the needs of users and optimizing production volumes using forecasting tools and integrating them with the created platform.

The ™ platform has been designed to work with renewable energy sources, such as wind, water or solar farms, as well as with smaller solar installations for households. The exchange of information required to provide these producers with access to energy for other users (consumers, energy storage systems and external markets) is done through block-secured energy trading [e]rrency ™.

President of the Research and Development Center Utmost Tech Sp. z oo, Jakub Goryszewski received the “Vectors 2018” award ( for the innovative application of technology in artificial intelligence, photonics and low-emission manufacturing systems.