Innovations for the Agriculture

Crops health changes recognition method
Crops health changes recognition method using spectrographic studies analysis

Remote sensing methods are widely used in studies on crop health monitoring. Data is usually acquired in form of images recorded in different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Those images are a basis for wave length histograms analysis, as well as for calculation of the indicators that allow to evaluate the condition of crops. Analysis of the visible light spectrum can amongst others serve to detect weeds (for example in sugar beet cultures) with efficiency close to 97%. We use in our studies both near-infrared spectrum images and visible light spectrum images.

CVC system

RELAYONIT provides software used in studies performed by the Masovian Research Center (Mazowiecki Ośrodek Badawczy) in Kłudzienko, which is part of the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy).