Application integration

Creating of Service-Oriented Architecture
The SOA architecture

In face of strong competition and overall tendencies to minimize costs of enterprise and organization functioning, the application integration is becoming an increasingly efficient method of improving and automatizing of the business processes, thus allowing reducing IT costs in a long term. Implementation of modern, elaborated IT systems often creates a need to introduce on parallel integration initiatives.

Here are some of the main reasons for which companies need integration:

  • the organization uses many business systems and needs an independent solution, which would consolidate all the functionalities of the existing systems,
  • the organization uses many business systems and needs a solution that would allow the data exchange between them, or needs to trigger one of the system’s functionalities from another,
  • independent partners have their own IT systems and need a solution that would allow efficient data exchange between them (B2B model),
  • a fusion of organizations or institutions create a natural need for system integration in order to exchange data more effectively and merge previously independent processes.